Hey there!

You might know me as @thedoodlejournal on Instagram! Keep reading below to learn more about me or use the menu above to explore my site.

I’m Jess, a New York City-based designer, illustrator, writer, and educator. I love drawing and using bright-colored paints, as well as trying my hand at brush lettering. Layout design and mockup projects can be found in my portfolio here on the site, but check out my Instagram blog for the most recent art projects.

Aside from design, I love to write anything from poetry to small narrative pieces to larger essays. (View work here.) Working as a writing tutor for a university writing center has allowed me to successfully help others become better students and better writers, often giving them the boost they need to graduate.

I am always in search of other creative outlets and often try out new forms of art to grow as an individual. I want to encourage all artists to explore their talents beyond the computer screen, beyond the sketchbook, and beyond the canvas.