Hi there, what’s up? I’m Jess, a New York City-based illustrator, writer, and overall creative person. You’ll often find me doodling, painting murals, making book story illustrations, or trying my hand at digital drawing. Along with my sweet little doggo, I enjoy all forms of art and expression, and encourage everyone to think beyond the canvas, beyond the sketchbook, and beyond the screen.

Besides making art, I’ve also been a university writing educator for almost 6 years. My passion for putting words on paper has fueled my new project of publishing my very own book(!) filled with my own poetry and illustrations. Please feel free to read some of my published and unpublished work here on the site or my recent haiku journey on @thewritingjournal. If you’re interested in graphic design and print layout, check out my design portfolio!

If you’re here from @thedoodlejournal from Instagram or thedoodlejournal shop on Redbubble, thank you for visiting my official site! Hope you enjoy your stay ❤️🌈✨🌻🙏🏼✏️🥰🎨